When I fall down tired as the world seems to end
I always have the hope to make me get up again
When I fell that I can't live alone in this world
Always there are people beside me
Times when a force seems to control me
I have faith deep down inside that you are with me

Yeah me, please look inside me
The world is full of those hopes

* CHORUS 1 *
Don't le tthe world bow you down
It seemed like I was winning
I was getting nearer to my dreams
Someday the world will open for me
It seems like my faith is growing stronger

There are many people in the world
Being moved by an unknown force
Everything is reflected in the mirror
There are times when you look blue

Yeah you, I see inside you
The world is full of these hopes

* Repeat

Always in those moments
When you seem lonely, you are not

* Repeat