[Chorus - K-Os] - 2X
Hey, it's the same once again
Microphones fully loaded and friends
Funny I try to make this end
But it seems I'm returnin' the name

Yeah, papercutz
Papercutz, Paper
Here we go, papercutz
papercutz, paper
paper, cutz, papercutz, paper, paper
Are you gonna do another album man?

[Verse 1]
Yo, I know I said I'd exit
But I couldn't do it the minute
It flowed from my lips
Futures can't exist
In a past time paradise
Rollin' dice, holdin' Christ
on a platinum chain, surrounded by ice
Sinister Cyrus, you can't deny this
Because the lightheads
Brokin' and tokin's been replaced by legal tender
Great pretenda, tried to upset my agenda
I dismembered, they fought patterns
and Now they move in circles like Saturn
Spinning out of orbital formation
The radio station is my motivation
Cuz the pen and the pad are the only friends that I had
When the light can not be seen
I'm a feel for the rap game and skatin' like I'm a figurine
That move in articulate shadow boxin' the peel
What is real is irrelative, it is relatively revealed
That's why I sharpen these words
To you like papercutz
And I wreck visual images like I'm Julian Lutz
What's the name of this runaway train?
We call it thought, harassin' the brain
droppin' you bitches sane
This thing called the rap game, I'm claimin' insane
Lyrically all arcane, and such as papercutz

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
Catacalysmic, mistic, with a bic
Only to think on a diamond mine
Gotta take it back, from the heart attack
That I felt when I saw the sign
Comin' down from the sky
like a supernova, Jehovah
Got a grip on the land rover
But so what, I'm not sober
Just takin' sips but I don't skip
Just makin' trips so I don't tip
These papercutz just ain't enough
They makin' hits, and I can't touch
Just look at Hammer now
My grammar is tighter, provider
In light of freedom fighter, rhythm writer and rappin'
And yet you don't try it
because you can't buy it
I saw you grippin' and slippin'
and fool, I'm so tired
of fake emcees and you best believe
got tricks than trade up my sleeve
and I pray to God when I'm on my knees
that I can break it, cut this paper, Paper