Jefferson Airplane
"Wild Times (H)"

It's a wild tyme!
I see people all around me changing faces!
It's a wild tyme!
I'm doin' things that haven't got a name yet!
I need love, your love
It don't matter if it's rain or shine.
It's a wild tyme (x6)
I must see love all the time (x2)
I'm here for you any old time
Ah, stay here, play here
Make a place for yourself here.
I want to be with you, no matter what I do,
what doesn't change is the way
I feel for you today.
Times just seem so good.
I do know that I should be here with you this way,
and it's new, and it's new, and it's oh, so new!
I see changes, changes all around me are changes!
It's a wild tyme (repeat to close)