Jasmine Guy
"I Was"

I believe no body is the best
i wish people would just get a life
and just leave other people alone
i was standing their did nothing wrong
someone yelled in my face
it was hard but i managed
i was lucky i had lots of strength

I believe nobody takes notice in what people are like inside
the first thing i look at when i met somebody
is who they are
and where they come from

sometime's i wish i was beautiful as well as seen
but msot of the times i jsut love to be who i am
i am beautiful in my own ways

I wish somebody would actall listen to what i say
i believe nobody cares about other people they only care about theirself
i've been through so many bad days it's hard to control my life
i tel you to stop listen leave me alone they never listen.

( la la la la la ) ( la la la la la la )