Gary Jules
"Goodnight Billie"

Daddy called her Billie Jean
Said the ground glowed where she walked
Kept the bottles out of reach
The demons underground
But she stands a little taller now
When she surveys her memory
It was always how she did
Never how she was
Oh she was
Yes she was
She was twisted
She was angry
She was human
And almost sixteen

Nobody knows anybody
It’s just hookers and bandits along the road
If you see me walking away
I just called to say “hello”.

Daddy hung the moon
From a twist of fishing wire
Now the wire’s wearing thin
While daddy’s wearing out
And the people say I should have known him
Back in the motor days
Always with a helping hand
It’s the kind of man he was
Oh he was
Yes he was
He was foolish
And he was working
He was human
And almost sixty
So goodnight Billie.