Fort Minor - Dolla lyric

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(..that's how you stand up against the rising of the tide.)

Yeah, (Oh, oh ...) like that y'all
(This is how it's goin' down Mike?)?Uh huh
(Let's kill 'em then)
Wooo, like that?Fort Minor, S.O.B.?Yeah, like this, listen

Attention please I only need a second?To make a mental impression directly on any record so?Give me space to move room to prove I'm stupid with the P's and Q's?Ladies and gentlemen I'm sending you bending?Pretending the pen is a needle I'm injecting the venom?And I'll be damned if I let another man get to me?I'll bruise you with a shoe to the family jewelry (Oh)?I'm back with fury attack quickly?Sick with a BIC pen, all up in your shit man?You never knew the flow was sick as this?Bitch, listen when I'm letting you know (Ha ha)?Got a grip on these tracks that you wish you got?Got a clique full of assholes, I kid you not?So when that mixtape's done and that album drops?Ryu andTak and me got it loaded and locked
Believe it

You still breathing? I'm cocking and squeezing
Tucked still? Nope, I don't give a fuck who
... (Believe it)
You still breathing? I'm cocking and
... (Believe it)
You still breathing?
... (Believe it, believe it)
You still breathing? I'm cocking and squeezing?Tucked still? Nope, I don't give a fuck who sees it?Broad days sitting sideways stuffed in a small cave?For three fucking weeks 'til you reek like dog waste?Uh, really I put a punk in his place?
Let's see if he freestyles with a pump in his face?Got something to say?
Please better keep it a secret?The streets got hideous ways of handling beef bitch?So eat shit, hate it or love it the underdogs on top?Getting faded telling people to suck it?Bucking 'em down for real while you fucking around?
I'm stuck in the house for months tryin to sharpen my skills?So how does it feel?
You lames want to claim my throne?You got a better chance getting Danny Hayes on the phone (Ha ha ha ha)?Good luck I flame suckers 'til they're black and crispy
Sneaking heat up in the club like a flask of whisky

Yeah, I'm here to crack the roof in?You got a nice watch but your raps are useless (Ha)?You better cut the crap 'fore i snap some nooses?And leave you all snoozing' on some afternoon shit?
Yea, I hit the streets with a cake and batter for fun?Just to spit bleach in his face?It's lunchtime punk open the face?Hit you with a punchline 'til you choke on your teeth?
Catch me at the show rockin' in that tipsy mode?Like Angels and Demons unlocking DaVinci's Code?
One drop in the cannister, people split the globe?Blowing every planet to shit once I hit the road, unh?You in the tight bitch cut you with Apathy?I'm on the night shift see I hustle like cassidy?S
o kll that chit-chat and let the west coast see?One of the illest names Rikbat from S.O.B.

That's right, Fort Minor?We Major, Mike Shinoda, S.O.B.?Heavy Guard, Machine Shop, Linkin Park?You know, man, this is an in...

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