Foo Fighters
"The Deepest Blues Are Black"

Shame on you
Seducing everyone
You faded jewel
You diamond in the rough
You don�t have to tell me
I know where you�ve been
Shining once again
Will you do the thing you�ve always done
Tell me true
I think you know the one
The one that makes me blurry
Colors start to run
Everytime I wonder
I go under
The deeper the blues, the more I see black
The sweeter the bruise, the feeling starts coming back
All the deepest blues are black
How my mind is spinning
And my head is going numb
Right from the beginning
Our ending had begun
I can be your trouble
Shiver into you
Shaking like the thunder
Sinking under

When it comes closing in
Cause I gotta move
And the simple things get in the openings
Become something new
To remove