"D12 Project"

And even if i found you under my bed,
id just scream to death 'cause im sensitive id just
'cause two MCs just shot me three times (3 shots)
I woke up in a skateboard park in 98' Slapped any pros
and screaming:THIS is MY PARK!MINE!!!
No it isnt you must have gotten in the wrong time limit
of your mind youre really in the backstage shootin
dre--look at him hes about to get hissin all over the
controls smackin three marshall mathers CDs at poles--Buyin
skulls tapin them to J Bass he just wants to think
about the D12 project--todays the day he just wants
to get out of the room and tell his bro to sweep the
stage with a broom--i dont know why they laugh about
the Slim shady EP cause its just a ten song album that
the whole world wants to see!
Slim shady and dre...
Slim shady and dre...
Slim shady and dre...
Slim shady and dre...
(Chorus 2x)
(Kon artis)
Dont even thinka bout smackin da controls on my night with satan yo!