98 Mute

So you say you hate that band cause they sold out.
And you sold back all your records is that what its all about.
Now listen up you fuckin punk the songs are still the same.
cause others learn to like them doesnt make them fuckin lame.
Youre wrong. youre so wrong. youre fuckin wrong...
Now run the fuck along.
Shame on all those bands,
Yeah the ones who play for cash.
The ones that count their money as they sit back and they laugh.
Now dont you get too angry with all those kroq fans.
With no time theyll bore and be searching for new bands.
You sold out.. they sold out.
Wed sell out, theres no fuckin doubt.
So you got it figured out and you know it all.
Some of those bands were punk back when you were still hanging at the mall.
Its called respect and you dont have it and probably never will.
I know cause I was once like you just fighting against my will.