98 Mute
"Picture This"

Everyday a battle is fought
Today I was reminded somehow I had forgot
Everyday a lesson is taught
Real estates important and human life is not
Is all of this bloodshed worth an outdated plan laid by ancient hands
Such a crucial piece of earth
Take a look again its a fucking piece of dirt
Can anyone show me whats wrong with this picture?
Something definitely looks out of place to me
Its clearly out of focus somebody broke us
But heres where the joke is nobody provoked us
Were broken and no ones to blame but us ourselves and we
We cant agree so we war egos declare young soldier be scared
But what are we fighting for
Something thats nothing that we can afford
We glory ourselves in our past the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air
We fly our flags at half mast
Its hard to take pride in young wasted lives
Picture this a world where governments are more concerned with feeding the people than their egos
Picture this a world where borders are mere lines on a map not symbols of economic gaps
Picture this respect on a grander scale respect for human rights
Picture this a world where theres no need to write songs like this
Can anyone out there help fix this picture
Who can make the world a better place to be
Weve got one chance lets take it the worlds what we make it
If were going to change it we cant be complacent
The future of the world is up to us ourselves and we