98 Mute

How many hits to the head will it take til you relize it hurts?
Does it really make you feel all that great so whats it really worth
I dont want to see you go down
I dont want to see you breakdown
I dont want to see you fall (down)
Its in your face you cant deny it
I know where youve been and where youll go tonight
Running a race everyone loses so why run at all
When we were young it was so much fun smoking and drinking the boredom away
You lost the thrill so you upped the ante but I wasnt so quick to play you lost your youth you lost your passion now it seems you dont care at all
You built a house out of playing cards how long till it falls
Dont you call me a hypocrite we both know I like to have my fun too but nothings gotten a hold on me like the shit that possesses you
Its gotten so sad the way you depend on something other than yourself to make your life fun
The hardest part the tragedy is that you dont see the damange done.