"This Time"

What is this
gently piercing my heart?
Why is this aching so familiar?
I must confess
I long for You more
Strange as it seems

I'm faithlessly bored
Lord, You know I'm tired of
playing the prodigal

‘Cause it's been so long
Since my words broke through
It's been so long
Since I found a way
to touch You

But maybe this time
These words I pray
will make their way to You
So I'll wait a little longer
Maybe this time
I'll trust You
for the answers that I need
And resign myself to believeing
You love me
This time

Your reply sounds
of mercy & peace
This is why I'll wait
for You, Lord
One whisper of love is well
worth the wait
And so I'll keep praying

Watching & waiting
For one word from you
Lord hear the prayer from
this prodigal