2 Live Crew

Yo soy Juanita, pero no soy sueltecitaTu crees que
porque estoy vestida así soy una puta?
Oye yo vengo de una familia muy católicaNo mijito,
yo no mamo ninguna pingaI bumped into her at the Coco
CabanaDown in Cuban town in little HavanaI asked her
her name, she said, JuanitaI just had to ask 'cuz I
just had to meet herI heard of fast girls but she's
a speederShe said she was hungry and told me to feed
herSo I got an expresso and a hot burritoYou look so
sweet you fine senoritaMamalopenga,
mama sitaIt's a black thing,
baby, so you know it's sweeterOkay Juanita,
now I must be your guyShe said,
Juanita's my nickname, call me Spanish FlyBueno,
tal vez te pueda hacer el favorPero solo si tú me mamas
la chochaY después yo te mamo la pingaSigueBlack girls,
white girls, even Puerto RicansBut the Mexicans and
Cubans are all so freakin'I like 'em in dresses with
big 'ole chessesI also like the style and the way she
impressesThe fragrance of her perfume smells like rosesShe's
guaranteed to turn heads whenever she posesShe lives
in Miami and of Latin descentAnd being with her is
how my time should be spentI met her in the berries
on a Friday nightDressed in a soft silky dress color
virgin whiteI said, "Hey pretty lady,
just suck on my fingerAnd tonight you're the one to
Mamalopenga"¡Ay Ice, qué grande eresEl señor Mix me
mamó y mamó muy rico¡Ay papi,
chúpame papiSigue no pares,
más más, ¡más rápido¡Ayy, qué bueno estas papiNo,
más, no paresOtra vez, otra vez papi¡Qué rico,
qué grande la tienesTodos los muchachos son como tú?Qué bueno estas papi