10 Years
"Blank Shell"

Inside this is all that helps
Only to feel your existence (stop)
Deny the truth that my life has changed
Hoping that this is all just a dream.
Living inside of just what could not be
No way to read your obituary
Enslaved to a silence so frequently rang
Buried the place that reminds me you lay.

This isn't what you really are
Blindfolded through the hurt
So sorry
So sorry

Memories my mind still replays
Comforting thoughts 'til I awake.
The presence of you is haunting through shapes
Reflecting your image off on my face
Whispered desire to know you're at peace
Blank in the eyes you're vacant to me
So with the spirit entirely strong
Entirely strong it's time to move on

So sorry
(for this all)

Empty still frames
Turning the page

Let go, Let go your hope